- Our Famely

Helle: 43 years old

Work: educated in a bookstore. Has for a number of years owned a grocery/souvenir shop. Has for about 6 years worked in the media business both as a receptionist and as a journalist. Today she works for an institution that helps physical and psychological disabled people.

Interests: handwork, dance, animals and the nature


Finn: 42 years old

Work: Has for a number of years been self employed as carpenter. He now works as carpenter for AB Haandvaerkerne in Haderslev.

Interests: hunting, fishing, the nature


Steffen: 20 years old

He is studying economy at University of Southern Denmark in Kolding. He is only present on holidays.

Interests: football and entrepreneurship


Nick 17 years old

Nick is studying math and english on HF. He is responsible for the website during the trip.

Interests: IT and mechanics


Stig: 15 years old

Stig is studying his 10th year in the Danish school system. He is the photographer during the trip.

Interests: gymnastics and Taekwondo – the 2nd best of his class in Denmark (2005)


Michelle: 13 years old

During the journey Helle will be her teacher.

Interests: handwork and healthy food


Schalaco: 5 years old

Interests: having fun and check out how things work.


Minnie: 5 years and bitch

Interests: Play and hunting.

Freja og Dysches

Dysches: 15 years old, mare

Freja: 9 years old, mares

Claus: 8 years old, gelding (is not on the picture)